Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Nothing New To Talk About

I have noticed that it has been a while since I added anything useful about DOD Source.  I think I may have come to the end of my knowledge acquisition as far as tweaks are concerned.  If anyone has any interesting workarounds I would love to hear.  I will go back to my one failure - Stopping Smoke - and see if I can come up with an undetectable solution.

I have recently bought some new games - after DOD:S  although I love the game engine.  I got TRUE CRIMES ; NEW YORK CITY, RED ORCHESTRA OISFRONT, and also METRO 2033.  I expect that true crimes will be just a quid play single player game (practice), red orchestra for some slow but appealing kills and metro for some much needed storyline.  I got them all cheap.  Orchestra 2.99, Crimes 99p, and Metro 7 quid, which I reckon is low even for a supermarket. GG steam games.....