Monday, 11 July 2011

Steam Ping and Clans

I have just left a quick message with my CL Mossop from TFT (The Fighting Tigers) that I won't be wearing the tags anymore.  I have had ping issues with my 3G dongle and mix that in with the TFT server using a ping manager that decides to kick me every few minutes?! I see no point continuing with them.

I can easily get on other servers in Europe and America with no ping kick issues so I will just bum around as [adct] Glassjaw again.  I only lasted <1 year in that clan, which for me is surprising because I tend to hand around.  I was 5 years in the FFC (Fat Freddies Cathouse).

Guess im an [adct] Addict again, haha.

[ADD POSTY] I'm noyt a cunt.  I miss the TFT clan coz i am a wee softy - but Right now my ping is getting fucked.  I miss Mrs Stoned, Ludsa, even Moss :::: but right now I am fucked PING-WISE.  I don't wanna be a drifter but my chocolate outsides says I must be.  [HIDE WITHIN ONE;S SELF LIKE A FUCKING ROYALIST]. Open my shit covered nacks 2 reveal Furious George's  Killie Pie!! .. f .. e.. c .. k ..