Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Map: Messyroom1 Dec 20th Update

I have decided to knock this map on the head.  It needs to be completed so I will stop adding new ideas when some of the original ideas are only 90% working.  Now I work on the 'bugs' and see about making the lighting better and the room contents better.

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Map: Messyroom1 Dec 17th Update

Got the tardis working now - it is bigger on the inside.  I have just made the main room with the console in it - not much detail but at least it works.  I want to use a camera so you can see out of the tardis - waiting for other players to enter.  I would have liked to have 2 cameras but the game mechanics won't allow 2 active cameras, so I will stick with one.

The shootable targets work fine, dropping from the ceiling and trapping other players who are exploded after a few seconds.

The moving helicopter works 90% now - it moves when you enter it and travels the path I set out but I need to build a return path.

There are 4 conveyer now on the floor that shoot you along the ground fast.

There are 4 cannons that fire the player into the sky.  If there are no chutes or gravity changes to the server then they fall to the ground and die, but a server with parachutes can use the cannons easily.

I am working on a bouncing betty-type bomb.  The idea is you walk next to it - it rises quickly from the ground and blows you to fuck.  It works in a small example I have built.  Now I am making the bomb look like a cartoon like cannon ball with a face on it.  I did have a nice fire and smoke effect working on it but the minute I move the bomb the fire and smoke don't move with it.  I think that is because it is a env_fire entity that is not expected to move.  The fire would be nice but I will dump it to save some time I expect.

I know that this map has been ongoing for some time now and I honestly am getting bogged down in it.  I think I have made the room to big and therefore filling it up is taking some time.

My son x-Psycopath likes futurama and reckons I should try and make the travel-tubes from the show.  I see how to make the idea work in theory (hidden brushes that push a player along a clear tube, or even some sort of speed up player option in water?) but again that might take some time.  The map itself is looking a bit ugly and I have not had time to make any jokey elements but a few.  I have nuts magazines, duff beer cans, cancer stick fag boxes, some y-front underwear but need to add in some more once I think of them.  I want the map to be memorable - that should balance out the ugly factor.


I got the digital photo frame to finally work so it displays different images in a sequence.  I used one brush and texture, but the texture is saved as an animated texture - which although works okay for in game sprays needed tweeked in the .vmt file to make it work properly.

I still see no way to get the current server time into the map.  If I could do that I already worked out how to make my analog clock show the time, so until that is worked out the clock just turns its hands with no relation to the actual time.