Thursday, 5 January 2012

Map: Messyroom1 Jan 5th 2012 Update

A bridge too far.  (

I have had the 'fixed' version (2) of messyroom run on server for testing and it is lagging.  It lags that much it looks like I need to dump the map as a playable version and use the ideas/concepts that I managed to make work on a smaller map.  I am a little annoyed at myself for letting the map get so big and bulky, on the positive side I have learned a lot and made some really nice features that I have not seen on other maps.  I plan on using some of the features in smaller maps instead.

  • Lighting up dance mat - players location is easy to spot when the bit they stand on is light up.
  • Player cannons - throw players across the map by firing them out a cannon/tube.
  • Player conveyors - push players across the map quickly when they stand on a conveyor.
  • Shootable dropping targets that trap players and explode causing player damage.
  • Giant pointing arrow that lets others know when a player is hiding in certain areas.
I will use these soon - the ideas will not die out.

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