Friday, 17 February 2012

Map : Hell_RC1

I have decided to start a new map based on the Hellraiser movies.  The basic map idea is show in the next image.

It is a big build because of all of the different elements in the idea and would take a long time.  I would like to make is small however for gun game but can see that I will need to be very hard on myself to limit the size.

Some images that I am getting ideas from (as well as the movies that I have at home) are:

possible idea for a corridor

char open mouthed

good side shot

pinhead open mouthed

I wouldn't expect this to be done anytime soon.  I am still re-making the messy room map to make it smaller and less laggy.

UPDATE 21st Feb 12

I have built the basic areas with teleport doors (some functioning) and have created the basic maze which needs more work.  I have started to create the pinhead 'head' which will be used as an entrance to the centre of the map.  The idea is a player leaves the maze (finds the exit) and the mouth/jaw of the head lowers to let them through.  It doesn't look much like pinhead yet and I don't know if it will eventually but so far I am hoping to come up with a recognisable attempt.  Once the head is done I can copy it for the other head required and remove some of the pinhead pieces to make one of the other movie characters.

I have started to make the hospital ward area with bed being made right now.  I have started to make a prefab of a patient that sits cross legged, rocking their body back and forth while holding small rotating 'cube'.  The limitation on this is the grid size, I am having trouble making small enough elements like the eyes and nose so might try and use textures on the face and clothes instead for the extra detail.  The rocking works okay - set to a random timer so he rocks at different intervals.  Once complete I will be able to replicate the patient, altering some textures and features like hair to make them all a bit different.

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