Monday, 29 November 2010

Day Of Defeat Source : Tutorial 1 - Making The Game Quiet

Stop Sound In DOD Source Game

This will be a quick game fix that works on all servers because it is a client side fix i.e. on your computer.  The method was thought up by me as far as I know but as always great minds think alike so someone may have also paralleled this method, and if they well done :-)!

  1. Copy your Ambient folder as a backup in case you mess this up.  It is in C:\Program Files\Steam\Steamapps\USERNAME\Day Of Defeat Source\Dod\Sound\Ambient.   If you cannot find this folder in that location you may not have played DOD Source yet.  This folder will have the default game sounds that play during the basic maps that were made for the game, but can also have some extra sounds that you pick up as you play other maps on servers, custom sounds for home made maps.
  2. Run Windows Sound Recorder (Start->Accessories->Entertainment->Sound Recorder).
  3. Click Record button and then stop at about 3 seconds, we are recording silence.
  4. Save the file in the Ambient folder as silence.wav
  5. Copy and Paste the silence.wav file many times, this will make many copies with
     similar names.
  6. Double click on one of the sounds in the Ambient folder such as thunder2.wav.  This will play the sound in your default sound player.  Decide if you hate it - if you do delete it! If you did delete it then
    rename one of the silence.wav files to that name thunder2.wav

    NOTE:: This means that the game will still play the thunder2.wav file for that
    sound effect but it will be simply silence.

  7. Repeat step 6 again and again until all of the annoying sounds are gone.

You now have an effective stop sound working on your game with less background sounds.. When you play the game you will find that many maps a less noisy and your ability to hear player footsteps nearby increases, as well as identifying gun fire in the distance.

I have left a sample of silence.wav here, and silence.mp3 here.

An additional method that I was given by Ninja Ski from =FFC=Clan  was to use some game commands that also stop the noises from the game that can be played ad-hoc by other players and server admins.  These are usually funny sound effects and music.  I have always found this annoying so 'bind' the commands to a key.

The commands are::

play test.mp3;snd_mixvol ambient 0

You could bind this to the Z key with: bind "z" "play test.mp3;snd_mixvol ambient 0" 

This is done by editing the file config.cfg  located at C:\Program Files\Steam\Steamapps\USERNAME\Day Of Defeat Source\Dod\Cfg\

 I will discuss binds in a later post as I find useful ones.  I use this nice little sound stopper with my w key (walk forward) and the left mouse button (fire weapon) as well as right mouse button (weapon option).  Here are my binds:

bind "w" "+forward;play test.mp3;snd_mixvol ambient 0"
bind "MOUSE1" "+attack;play test.mp3;snd_mixvol ambient 0" 
bind "MOUSE2" "+attack2;play test.mp3;snd_mixvol ambient 0"

 This means when I walk around or use by weapon I will stop the annoying sounds that players and adimins use.

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