Monday, 29 November 2010

Day Of Defeat Source : Tutorial 2 - Making A Custom Crosshair

It's All About The Little Red Dot

You can have found when playing DOD source that the seven game crosshairs provided are just not good enough.  I find them to be quite small so always make one that suits me.  I also like to make them multi-coloured so I can see them better in all maps.

This is a reasonably easy process if the steps are followed well.

  1. Download GCFSCAPE. It is here
  2.  Download PAINT.NET. It is here.
  3. Download VTF PLUGIN FOR PAINT.NET. It is here.
  4. Install GCFSCAPE, PAINT.NET and the VTF PLUGIN (comes with instructions).
  5. Run GCFSCAPE.
  6. Select Open. Go to C:\Program Files\Steam\Steamapps.
  7. Select Day Of Defeat Source.gcf - which contains all of the game materials.
  8. Navigate to root/dod/materials/vgui/crosshairs in GCFSCAPE.
  9. Drag that folder to your location C:\Program Files\Steam\Steamapps\USERNAME\Day Of Defeat Source\Dod\Materials\vgui - this puts the game crosshairs in your game folder.
  10. Run PAINT.NET and open one of the files in the Crosshairs folder e.g. crosshair7.vtf
  11. Edit the file in PAINT.NET to make your own crosshair.  The design is up to you.
  12. Save the crosshair file.
  13. Run Steam and DOD Source, go to options menu in game and select the crosshair.

You now have an effective custom crosshair in your game - this makes aiming better if the crosshair works well with you..  Here is a sample of a crosshair I like to use.  It is much larger than the ones provided by the game.  I have left a sample of crosshair7 online here.

Enjoy the fix from me [adct]Glassjaw

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