Saturday, 4 December 2010

Day Of Defeat Source : Tutorial 5 - Transparent Smoke

Stop Smoking NOT WORKING

When playing the game some people throw smoke grenades to obscure your view.  It is possible to remove the actual smoky effect my editing the appropriate file.  In this case it is the particle_smokegrenade.vtf file.
  1. Download GCFSCAPE. It is here
  2.  Download PAINT.NET. It is here.
  3. Download VTF PLUGIN FOR PAINT.NET. It is here.
  4. Install GCFSCAPE, PAINT.NET and the VTF PLUGIN (comes with instructions).
  5. Run GCFSCAPE.
  6. Select Open. Go to C:\Program Files\Steam\Steamapps.
  7. Select Day Of Defeat Source.gcf - which contains all of the game materials.
  8. Navigate to root/dod/materials/particle in GCFSCAPE.
  9. Drag that folder to your location C:\Program Files\Steam\Steamapps\USERNAME\Day Of Defeat Source\Dod\Materials\particle - this puts the necessary file in your game folder.
  10. Run PAINT.NET and open the particle_smokegrenade.vtf file in the Particle folder.
  11. Edit the file in PAINT.NET.
  12. In order to remove the smoke use the eraser tool in PAINT.NET with a large brush size.
  13. Save the file.
  14. Run Steam and DOD Source, select a class in game that has smoke grenades.
  15. Throw a grenade and see if you can see any smoke - nope it's all gone. 

What is happening is you are throwing smoke but you wont see the effect now, but of course the effect works for everyone else.

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