Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Universal Crosshair - Its A Boring Game Though

I found this scanning forums and have added it for those who just want to be boring.  It is the universal crosshair made by pro-hax and is here.  I tried it out today 01/12/10 and found it actually put me off the game.  I am a good sniper "no scoper" in DOD original and found this actually put me off trying no scopes.  I tested it on some servers I am on regularly now for a few hours and gave up.  There is no real feeling of being a good player with this but I am going to stick to my guns and make sure that all this stuff gets out there.  Below is my desktop at the centre - the software overlays itself centrally on top of any windowed game.  So to make it work you must play DOD Source windowed.  This works for many games so that is why it is universal.

Thanks to pro-hax for this although belated.  I will try and make my own version soon - looks like it is programmed in VB or C++ using Direct X   Unfortunately the term pro-hax has taken over so I cannot identify the author.  Genius has such anonymity.

{UPDATE: I have written a version of my own 80% complete using Visual Basic Express 2005.  It makes a large crosshair of a colour chosen from the colour picker but also can place an image in the same place which means I could make my own image files for very detailed cross hairs.  I have chosen Cyan as the transparent colour.  I will work on this in January again and perhaps complete it.}

On a personal note I found that the sniper un-scoped in DOD Source is placed at a different location compared to DOD original and has much more 'sway' in your own movement making no-scopes quite difficult.  My admiration to all of the real no-scopers in DOD Source which I hope to become a member of in a few months.


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