Thursday, 2 December 2010

No Scope Practice - Step 1

I Really Have Lost The Nack 
I am really quite confused.  In Old DOD you can no scope quite successfully after lots of solitary practice.  I know this because I have done it and know the technique I use works.  The maps on that DOD are not that large and the sniper rifle bullet is engineered in the game to just go until it hits something, even the edge of the map.  All you need to do is get used to shooting without a crosshair.  Sounds easy but does take a lot of trying and failing.  You need to get very good at hitting your mark close up and then slowly trying to move about and do it and eventually put on more distance.

In this post I will describe with screen shots my progress in DOD Source up until now.
  1. Create a new game in DOD Source.  Don't try this on a live map with players or even online.  Give yourself a chance.  Start up a map from your list that is a colour map.  One of the orange maps will do.  If you don't have an orange map then go online, connect to a server playing one and the map will be downloaded to your computer.  Why? Orange maps have nice textures on the walls with lines that make up squares and intersections.  
  2. Select one of the sniper classes and move very close to the orange wall.
  3. Scope the sniper rifle and place the crosshairs on one of the intersected lines.
  4. Shoot the intersection.
  5. Shoot the lines near the intersection until all of your bullets hit where you aim.  Why?  No point being a sniper if you cannot hit what you aim at while scoped.
  6. Turn around and shoot at intersection at a distance again until you hit what you aim at scoped.
  7. When the bullets run out empty the pistol in a similar way at close distance then join the other team and select their sniper class.
  8. Do steps 3 to 7 again a few times, even when your bored with it.
  9. Now with a fresh sniper rifle lets try unscoped.  Go very close to an intersection and scoped the rifle to see where the crosshair meets the intersection.  Unscope quickly to see the position of the rifle barrel.  Now shoot and see where the bullet went.
  10. You might find that the bullet did not hit its target in the place expected.  The gun has a natural sway so the aim can be of a little even at close distances.
  11. Move to another intersection and do the same again.  Try to see how the gun barrel sits when you shoot to give you a visual impression of how to hold the sniper rifle in order to hit the target.
  12. Keep doing this until you use up a few clips of the rifle.
  13. Now try doing the same but without scoping the rifle, just go near an intersection, and shoot.  It is important to not be moving while shooting - this will be tried later.  If you find you are getting better at this unscoped shot, trying it crouched, prone, standing.
  14. It is now time to increase the distance from the intersection, just a little at a time to see what distance your shots are missing  more than hitting at - this will give you an idea of your maximum range.
  15. Vary the distance close and further until you are just really good at it.
  16. Now to add in movement.  So far you should have tried this without moving around.  Get close to the wall again and shoot an intersection, move to the side and do it again at another one and so on along the wall.  Spend time trying to do this - slowly at first and then quicker as you get better.  Try both directions as well to make sure you are okay at left and right.

This is step 1.  No enemy to shoot, just practice.  I suggest at least a few weeks of this an hour or so a day.  Why so long?  Easy.  If you try this too early without building up some skill level you will look like a complete moron on an online server.


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