Monday, 20 December 2010

Rocket/Bazooka Class Combo

Try A Rocket Up Your Beeper  
It may seen like a mistake to select a bazooka/rocket class in the game because all you really get is a rocket launcher and some rockets but in reality it is a great idea and very helpful.  Once you have selected the class (number 6) and spawned, press G or what ever key you have set to drop your primary weapon and throw away the bazooka.

Yes, throw it away, leaving you with a secondary weapon.  The allies have a nice little M1 carbine and the axis have what can only be described as an automatic pistol.  These two guns are highly accurate.  The M1 can be fired very quickly with lots of left mouse button presses and the bullets go where they are aimed at.  The axis pistol fires all of the magazine as long as you hold down the left mouse button - and delivers an amazing set of hits if your accurate.

Now the best part, when you run over a dropped weapon such as an enemy primary gun (rifle, machine gun etc) you will automatically pick it up.  This gives you two weapon options - each with their own ammo.  Once you pick up another weapon take time to reload it.

When you are in a gun fight now you can select either weapon, but notice that your secondary gun has limited ammo so use it wisely.

EDITED UPDATE:  Keep the weapon until the rockets run out or you need a better primary.  I have found the game is more fun rocketing other gamers up the wazoo on many occasions!

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