Monday, 10 October 2011

Map: DOD Para S 3

First Map On DOD Source

I have not tried mapping in a long time but have recently had another go at it using the Source SDK.  My first map is called dod_para_s_3.bsp (Para because it would be good with a parachute enabled server, s for small and 3 for version 3).  I have uploaded the map to some places like filefront but the mapping activity was a few years ago.  I have a feeling that I am one of the few working on maps right now.

Below are some screenshots.

Axis Spawn Area and Bunker
 Axis Tower Flag
 Allied Tower Flag and Bunker Spawn
 The Moving Panzer Tank viewed from the Red Smoke Flag
 The open area of the map where heroes are made
 Axis Bunker Roof showing another view of the battlefield

This map is on the TFT (The Fighting Tigers - house of love) DOD Source Server and is being tested for playability and bugs right now.  I have rejoined the TFT after a break and am now tagged [TFT]Glassjaw.  It is also hosted on the Map Factory here.  The maps ia also ai MOD DB now.

I am already working on another map, even as though I have just completed this one.  It will be called dod_chess_b_?.bsp  The ? meaning no idea what version I will  end it at.  The map will be a big fun map containing a chess board and pieces.  Sounds crap?  Yes on first inspection it does but I will have gigantic chess pieces with the ability to have them moved by players that are inside them.  You can enter some of the pieces, find a place to shoot from and even move the piece to certain positions on the board!  There will even be some flying as some of the pieces will take to the air to get to their positions.  I am hoping to make the knight (horsie thing) breath out smoke or fire or something and have glowing eyes.  There will be some tunnels cut into the chess board to allow brave players to move around the board independently - but they will have to beware as pieces that land on you or hit - you will be squashed!  There will be some teleports on each side of the board that will allow players to appear in a crazy looking storm cloud system that will be above the centre of the map - they will fall to their deaths if they do not deploy their parachute (requires SM_Parachute SM Mod Plugin).  They can then sail down onto pieces that are near the middle of the board or brave heroes might even try to invade and take over the enemies pieces.  Many of the pawn will be moved by shooting them.  Shoot the head will move it one place towards the middle and shooting the body will move it back.  This way players can use them for cover or even be squashed by them.  There will be 2 stop clocks as in professional chess which will also have a few surprises.  I bet a chess map sounds better now!

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