Saturday, 15 October 2011

Mapping 03

I have already started coming up with a basic plan for my third map which will be a bigger version of dod_para_s_3.bsp and will be called dod_para_b_?.bsp and will contain some of the following elements.

  • A snow covered battlefield with a small town in the middle of the map - some place like bavaria.  It will be rough terrain with hills, slopes and cliffs.
  • There will be a major tank battle taking place on the map between the two sides with panzer and sherman moving around the map, stopping once in a while to shoot their cannon.  These tanks can be used for cover, but can also kill anyone who gets in front of them.
  • There will be some small trench systems.
  • There will be bunkers allowing for long distance fighting.
  • There will be flags at each end of the map but more in the small town where players will need to fight house to house to take the place over.
  • There will be spawn points at each end of the map but also over the town to allow for paratroopers from each side.  The paratroopers will spawn in 2 planes and have to jump out the plane door.  The planes will also move around the map, and because of the thick cloud cover it will be very difficult for a player to know which part of the town they are over when they jump - making it possible to parachute into enemy held areas.
  • There will be howling winds, driving snow and many sound effects and special effects including fires.
  • There will be worknig mortars that can be used and will infilict damage on players if they are in a mortar area at the time.
This will be a very big map, that will contain many features rarely seen in dod source maps.  Expect a huge battle with some almost scinematic views.

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