Saturday, 15 October 2011

Mapping 02

The following map adeal has been sidelined until I have more time.  I have decided to concentrate on dod_para_b instead (See Mapping 03).

The dod_chess_b_?.bsp map or chess for short is starting to take shape.  I have built the badic playing board and some pieces including Castle, Knight, Bishop, and Pawn.

  • Castle:  An opening at the rear leading to a ladder that takes you to a middle room with a triangular window to shoot from that also has some cover and the top of the castle, battlements to shoot from.  I need to add in the buttons to move the castle and the mechanism to make it move but I believe that is very do-able.
  • Knight:  An opening at the rear leads to a ladder that takes you to a middle room that has a square opening but no cover.  Higher up you can crawl to the eyes of the horse where you can shoot from.  The buttons to move it and mechanism has still to be built along with the glowing eyes and fire/smoke from the nose.
  • Bishop:  A non-mover.  Some pieces cannot be moved in order to make the moving mechanisms operate well.  If I moved everything the complexity would become very difficult.  Right now the complexity will be hard.
  • Pawn:  A moving piece with no way in or ladders.  I see these being used as blocking objects or squashing objects.  They can be used for cover by players or they can also get squashed by them.  Shoot the head moves the piece one space toward forward.  Shoot the body moves the piece one space backward.  There will have to be some sort of animation/ warning built in to alert players that the piece is about to move.  That way the have a small opportunity to get out of the way.  I might need that with most pieces that move.
  • Queen:  Not built yet but will have a ladder, places to shoot from and buttons to move.
  • King:  Not built yet but will not move, although will have a ladder and places to shoot from.
  • Teleports:  There will be some teleports near eash sides spawn that will take players into the sky in the middle of a crazy bad storm cloud with lightning, thunder, weird lights etc.  They will then fall to their death from the storm unless they deploy their parachute (plugin for SM_Parachute).
  • Conveyer belts:  I see a need for some fast moving conveyer belts so players can move along the side of the chess table quickly to get access to their tunnel systems.  This may be in the form of moving vehicles or the like e.g. halftrack or perhap something funny.
  • Tunnels: There will be some tunnel systems built into the chess board that will allow players to come out somewhere near the middle of the board.
  • Clocks:  There will be two clocks like the ones used in professional chess that will have rooms to enter and shoot from - another place for a battle.

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