Saturday, 15 October 2011

Mapping 04

Yes its true I have already got my fourth map ideas spawning fourth - thanks to some help from my ten year old son.  He loves the CS rats type maps and so do I so we have decided between ourselves to imagine what sort of one we would like ourselves.

The idea is currently called messy room so dod_mesroom_b_?.bsp seems like a suitable name for the map.  In order to make this map I will need to have completed the other 3 sinply because the ideas we are already discussing involve all of the methods and techiques I see being needed in those maps plus much more!

Imagine a teenagers bed room with the expected elements. 

  • An XBOX 360 with working power button and of course red ring of death.  Probably even the DVD eject tray.
  • A TV that works with the XBOX.
  • A computer or laptop playing DOD.
  • A messy bed with some sad loser type covers and pillows.
  • Some lads mags.
  • Some suitable wall posters.
  • Some classic drug objects like a bong.
  • Some toys including starwars (that way we can bring in the nice starwars models in HL2).
  • Some working toys like a Dr Who tardis police box (bigger on the inside + can move/teleport from one part of the room to another).
  • A walking kenny doll from south park that you can ride in (shooting from kennys brain would be cool) along with some way to stop kenny dead and destroy those riding his brain - so watch out campers.
  • A train set (manily because I have some tran set models - sad).
  • And any other stupid idea we can come up with.
The walls will have tunnels and ladders, the lights can go on and off, the general room objects like chair, book shelf etc is just like the way they work in rats type maps.  I would like some nice objects to get power jumps from although I need to work out how to do the power jump mechanism.  Anyway lots of maps to make and hopefully I will have this map done or at least half done in about a months time.  I would like to have 2 maps made every month - that way bringing in some variety.  I will stick to the 2 types of maps as well.  Proper battlefield type maps and also fun maps.  Don't even ask me about map 5 because I already reckon it will be desert-like or jungle.

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