Saturday, 19 November 2011

Map: Messyroom1 (Work In Progress) additional

I have been working on the messy room map again with success and failures abound.  Every 3 steps forward drops me back 1, but progress is being made.

I have a helicopter that I would like players to jump in, which should then automatically follow a tanktrain path.  This works a little but is not moving all the way along the paths.  I used a trigger_multiple to make it work.  The rotors have stopped rotating but I know that I made a mistake with tie-2-entity - that can be fixed.

I have some huge targets on the ceiling that can be shot and then drop to the floor.  After so many seconds they respawn and can be shot to drop again.  The problem with them is I would like them to damage players on the ground when the come into contact with them - they don't damage them.

P.S. Some research and I have fixed it.  I used env_explosion along with my trigger_multiple.  The new process is:

  • Shoot the trigger_multiple which looks like the target -  does that mean its just breakable and not a trigger?
  • That lets the target which is a physbox drop to the ground.
  • 6 seconds after the shooting the env_explosion is set of.
  • 8 seconds after the shooting the trigger_multiple it is respawned using the point template.
  • 10 seconds after the shooting the physbox is respawned using the point_template.
Sounds a little complex because it is a bit.  Its a bit of a headfuck.

My next problem is working on my tardis.  I want it bigger on the inside?  LOL - I wonder if I will manage that.


Tardis idea working so far.  I used a trigger_teleport to enter and exit the tardis, so it really is bigger on the inside.  The only problem is I need to make a camera on the door so the player gets the impression that they are seeing into the tardis from outside and also one that does the same on the inside.  That way players will be able to see if there is someone in the tardis and also when they are in - see if anyone is going to come into the tardis.  I might also have the tardis light on top activate in some way when the tardis is occupied.  I added some orange and green lighting to the inside of the tardis that didn't show up.  After a few hours of not thinking about it I realised that the tardis inside was a cube outside of my main room - therefore no skybox enclosed it, so thats why there was no light!  You need a skybox around the tardis inside as well.

Silly really. >> didn't work (.  Back to the drawing board.

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