Thursday, 10 November 2011

Map: Messyroom1 (Work In Progress)

Messyroom1 Map

This is the progress so far with a RATS type map which can be used for DOD public CTF, Gun Game and also Sniper (possibly).

The development time on this map is growing simply because I need to make the room look 'full' i.e. I need to make objects.  I have worked on an xbox 360 and controller, some DVDs, CDs, a plasma tv, some ikea type furniture, a samsung galaxy phone, some storage baskets, but every time I make an object for the room I see that I have so much more to make.  The storage baskets are enpty so I need to make objects to put in them!  It is a time consuming job but hopefully the end result will be a good rats map and played by the dod source community.

Updated Nov 14th 2011.  I have added a number of elements to the room including a giant Kenny doll.

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