Saturday, 12 November 2011

Map: Nuke Town

I have acquired a CCS version of COD Black Ops map Nuketown, which I am busy converting to work in DOD Source.  Here is a work in progress.  Mainly just retexturing now coz the ones used were all CSS textures, how annoying.

There will be a GG (Gun Game) and a CTF (Capture The Flag) version soon!

Just a quick update.  The retexturing is done, the counterstrike crap have been removed and I am in the process of adding in some props that were on gamebanana (a tanker trunk, a long trailer truck which I am making out of the tanker and a helicopter).  The props were okay but again te textures were mostly gone because they were made for counterstrike course.  I have also had to fix the helicopter because the rotating blades were made incorrectly and did a jiggle more than a rotate!

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