Friday, 11 November 2011

Map: Red Water 1

I have completed redwater1 in two forms.  There is a gun game (GG) version and a capture the flag version (CTF).  It has been posted on a few websites so others can get it.

Here are some screenshots.

It is based on some classic orange-type maps I have seen over the last few years but with some 'twists' to make it more interesting.  The spawns are protected from other team invasion, there are two towers and a raised middle area.  You can get out of spawn 3 different ways, underwater, jump out or run along a walkway.  The walkway takes you to the niddle.  If you play the CTF version then the 2 towers and middle area have the capture points which are identified by the blue electric beams!  There are a number of special effects including vertical moving platforms to shoot from, the 'Hellraiser' cube and a dark, moody, red and wet killing arena.

Some links to the maps are:

and also

But you can find the maps also in

Enjoy!  Feel free to decompile the maps and see what I have done in Source SDK.

Link to CTF Redwater 1 on gamebanana
Link to GG Redwater 1 on gamebanana

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